Monday, April 22, 2013

Kit Naturals: A Review (Kind of =D)

 In the book Trim Healthy Mama , which I did a blog post about in October, Serene and Pearl mentioned one of their FAVORITE facial creams. (They quite raved about it!) If you have ever seen Serene and Pearl you would have noticed how glowing and radiant their skin is. All of the healthy fats in their diet like omega 3 from foods such as salmon and eggs, virgin coconut oil etc. contribute to healthy skin and hair, but it is still important to protect our skin from the outside as well, with what they call 'skin food'.

 All natural, pure, organic skin care products can be very pricey, but at the same time the inexpensive, regular products that line the isles of your local shopping center fill our bodies with harmful chemicals and toxins that can take years for our bodies to break down and eliminate. Serene and Pearl stumbled across a home business called Kit (Kath's Intensive Treatments) Naturals, run by a homemaker, that offered all natural, organic skin care products for a very reasonable price! 

I've been wanting the Orange Silk Hydrating Cream since I first read about it. We are on a tight budget right now and with facial cream not being close to the top of our list of needs,  several months went by. Last month I FINALLY had enough grocery money left over at the end of the month to make my order! They had a special going on at the time that was spend over $25 and get 3 free lip balms. What a perfect time to order! I ordered the large Orange Silk Hydrating Cream and the Happy Day Citrus Spray.

I received two packages in the mail from Kit Naturals. How Odd??? I would have assumed that they would ship the order all together. I opened the first package to find my entire order there. I immediately smeared some Orange Silk Hydrating Cream on my face. It smelled divine and left my skin feeling amazingly smooth! I spritzed my skin with the Happy Day Citrus Spray and was instantly transported to a Florida citrus grove on a warm, Spring day. I tried each of the three lip balms orange, coconut, and mint, and decide that the orange flavor was my favorite. 

I then opened the next package to find the exact same contents. Oh, no! Did we accidently order the wrong amount? We double checked our order only to find that we only paid for one. We contacted them via email and this was there response.

"Trey & Clair,
Hmmm, what to do...Enjoy! Just consider it a blessing and you don't owe us anything!
Thank you so much for your order! Now I must tell you, we've never done that before so you must have had that blessing coming!"

Transferring some Orange Silk Hydrating Cream to a sample sized container to share with my mothers and sisters! I also kept one for myself as a travel size for long trips so I'll never be without it! 

I am continually amazed at how God blesses us abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think! After patiently waiting He gave me a DOUBLE blessing! God is so good! He sees the desires of our hearts, even the little things!

I am very pleased with Kit Naturals products so far. I have used the Orange Silk Hydrating Cream for nearly three weeks now and the container looks like I have hardly used a thing!

Follow this link to check out their products!


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